The Deep Mind System Utilising The Powerful Ancient Technique of the Yoga Nidra



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Deep Mind System

The deep mind system begins with an audioMP3 of a 2000 year old relaxation technique called the Yoga Nidra,a guided relaxation/meditation. The Yoga Nidra will enable you to enter an altered state of consciousness, created by encouraging the rational and critical part of your mind to relax. In this state you have access to your deep inner mind, which has the ability to;

  • Improve Health and Wellbeing
  • Decrease harmful stress and tension
  • Create your desired experience
  • Remove negative conditioning

The deep mind system is taught to you so you can use it anywhere and anytime you choose. Or you can listen to the Audio in the comfort of your home.

How to use the Deep Mind System

Firstly, you can listen to the audio whenever you wish and have the time, it is extremely relaxing.

Secondly, The more you actually practice the process on your own using the PDF to remind you. You will be able to use this process without the audio, which can be very useful in situations such as at work or wherever you like. You can also speed the process up once you have practiced it for a while, if you want a quick relax or in a stressful situation.

The more that you practice this system, using the helpful PDF to remind you, you will find that you can speed up the process, as the mind is trained to each level of deep relaxation.

So you will eventually be able to relax in the time it takes you to countdown from 5 to 0.

This is a powerful tool in helping you release resistance so that the Law of Attraction can work for you in a more positive way.

Doing this deep relaxation process for 20 minutes has been proven to be the equivalent to hours of sleep.

This personalised system is also the missing piece which allows affirmations and visualisation to work to their full potential. Once you complete this process, you are in a very powerful place where the critical mind no longer exists and any affirmation or visualisation that you use while in this mental state of relaxed awareness, works remarkably well to bring about your dreams and desires.