The Top 3 Mindset Secrets That Will Help You Manifest Everything You Desire

Part #2 My Dreams, Goals and Desires

My Dreams, Goals and Desires

You can transform your life if you throw yourself into this process. One of the best ways is to get clear on what you would like to happen in your life.

This is your opportunity to let yourself dream. Unleash your imagination, and write about the life you really, really want. Don’t leave anything out!

Include the fun, the excitement, the successes, the adventures, the creativity, the experiences, the connection and the love you really want. Imagine a future where your dreams come true and you are living the most amazing life; a joyful, healthy, wonderfully successful and totally fulfilling life.

Let your imagination run wild without judging or worrying about how you will do these things, or what others may think, or even the spelling or way it is written. Just let the ideas flow. These could be descriptive paragraphs or simply words or phrases. The idea is to just capture everything that comes to mind. If you want, you can go back to each list to expand and add details to your vision. Be bolder, dream bigger and know that anything is possible – and most of all have fun, enjoy the process and wait for the magic to happen!

Click on the image below to download the Word document or PDF of My Dreams, Goals and Desires and answer the questions as fully as you can in the spaces provided.If you don’t have word print the PDF file so you can fill it in.

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Word Doc         Worksheet #1 –  My Dreams, Goals and Desires:


PDF                     Worksheet #1 –  My Dreams, Goals and Desires:



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