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Hi, I wanted to tell you a story about how my wife and I became financially free. Yes that’s right completely free to choose; whether to work or not, where to travel to next, how to spend our money and where and when to volunteer to give back to the community.

 F Freedom

About 13 years ago my wife Rhea and I were living in a beautiful Permaculture community in subtropical Northern New South Wales, Australia. We lived in a very modest small two bedroom house that I had built mostly with my own hands and with the help of friends, family and of course Rhea. We had a small vegetable garden and had planted a lot of tropical and other fruit and nut trees, on our half acre plot of sloping land.


We had beautiful views of the mountains that formed the Caldera of an ancient volcano which is now called Mount Warning or Wollumbin the aboriginal name. We were surrounded by people in our community who had the same ideals of treading gently on the planet. Our community managed to turn 120 acres of ex cattle farming bare paddock into a lush treed haven for the local wildlife and the local people. We all lived in energy saving houses and dealt with all our own waste on-site.


This was a near idyllic life surrounded by good people and friends and beautiful vistas of the green mountainous country surrounding us.


Our View

Our View


The only thing missing was the money to do whatever we liked whenever we liked. Rhea and I only had part-time work that wasn’t highly paid and we needed to occasionally top up with welfare payments to get by. We both love to travel but could only go short distances as we couldn’t afford any more.


I certainly don’t want to make this seem like a hard luck story because it wasn’t we were both very happy, but we were just limited in what we could do. This brings me to the point that I wanted to make with this story.


We didn’t know it at the time but this was the perfect mindset from which to attract wealth and well-being into our lives. We found a quiz somewhere at the time about how wealthy you felt. I remember doing this quiz clearly, as although we had very little money Rhea and I both felt as if we were wealthy and the quiz, after honestly completing it reflected that back to us. We felt as though we were in the top 1% of wealthy people. The quiz also stated that we must have been wealthy.


I think this was the key to what happened next to us. We were not actually looking to become rich or wealthy, we were just living a comfortable and happy life, feeling wealthy. We allowed the synchronicity of Law of Attraction to do the rest. I don’t tell this story to brag or show off only to educate and help others find what we have found.


Soon after we had done this quiz we received a phone call out of the blue from someone offering us a free seminar on how to become a property investor. At first Rhea thought that we didn’t need this and politely ended the call. When she told me about the call I thought why not go and have a look and see whether we could possibly buy an investment property. Somehow, and we still can’t recall to this day how we managed to find their number, we got their number and called them back. We went along to the seminar which had a lot of interesting information about investing in property. We still thought that with our low income even though we owned our own home it would be impossible to get a loan to buy an investment property. But the more we learned the more we realised we had a chance.


 F Freedom2

In 2001 we went searching for an investment property armed with our new knowledge of how we could possibly do this. At this time in the property market property values had just started their rise in what was to be one of the biggest property booms Australia had seen. We managed to find a basic house in the beautiful seaside suburb of Kingscliff. The house was already rented at a good price, and the difference that we needed to pay after interest and costs was only $40 per week. Even on our incomes this was easily possible.


As the property boom occurred and our education increased we managed to buy another four investment properties which we renovated or constructed to build instant equity in them all. We achieved this within five years. Because of this fortunate timing and the Law of Attraction working for us we managed to become wealthier than we ever thought imaginable after living so basically with so little money on that beautiful Permaculture community.


Now with the use of hindsight I see that it was our general attitude and beliefs around money and wealth that managed to then attract wealth to us through the Law of Attraction. We were not upset or worried about money we felt financially free and therefore attracted financial freedom. Most of the things we did required very little money but we enjoyed them immensely, like visiting some of the most magnificent places on the planet which were so close to where we lived. We were in the ideal emotional state to attract wealth and did so relatively easily.


I believe this is the key to attracting wealth for anybody, that is, to live your life as if you are wealthy to enjoy every moment and not get caught up in the things you don’t have or the things you want and don’t have. If you can let go of focusing on what you don’t have and instead focus only on what you do want, then the Law of Attraction can work in powerful ways to move you towards everything that you desire.


Rhea and I now live in a beautiful apartment overlooking the ocean in our wonderful part of the world. We watch the whales as they travel by playing and increasing in numbers every year. We also travel regularly now to anywhere we choose in the world. This is something that I thought we could only dream of when we first started this amazing adventure toward financial freedom utilising the Law of Attraction, but now it is not just a dream it is our reality.

Kitchen @ sunset


Wishing you health, wealth and happiness,

Chris Spink

International Bestselling Author,
Law of Attraction and Self Hypnosis Course Instructor

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