Relationships and the Law of Attraction, Part Two By Chris Spink

When others around you become angry with you whether that is through words or actions, know that the problem doesn’t lie with you but wholly with them. If you don’t take their behaviour personally, understanding that it is their personal difficulty, and don’t get angry back at them, after some time they will stop blaming you and leave you out of it. We as humans often think it is important what others think of us, do they like us? Are we good enough? We work hard to gain their approval and their love, but there is really very little that we can do to hold on to their approval. Because they are creating their own reality so how they feel about us doesn’t depend on what we are doing but it depends solely on how they are feeling, it is all about them. If we can completely let go of the concerns that we have about how others feel about us and focus instead on how we feel about them and how we feel within ourselves, we will discover the basic understanding of who we really are and also discover what true freedom really is. That is at our fundamental essence we are more similar to others than different because we share the basis of love, growth, and Source. 

When you feel unsafe because someone is threatening you either with their words or actions, your feeling of being unsafe isn’t real, because only you can stop the flow and create resistance to your natural well-being. In other words it is only your reaction to what somebody is doing that keeps you from the good feeling person that you naturally are. Something that is very beneficial for  you, is to practice looking for positive aspects in others because over time only those positive aspects will show up to you, for you will have changed your point of attraction and by the universal Law of Attraction it must be so. It is absolutely certain that you can find the relationships that you want and desire but first there is something essential that you must do, you must become a vibrational match to the qualities that you are looking for, because what comes to you always matches the vibration that you are offering. Another way of saying vibration is how you feel. So how you feel must match the qualities that you are looking for. Focus on the best you can see in the others around you and when parts of them you want to see seem to be missing imagine that they are there any way. When you practice the thoughts of the things that you desire they must show up in your experience, it is Law. Know that you are doing extremely well with your relationships feel appreciation and acceptance for how things are and look forward to the improvement that is coming.

Wishing you health, wealth and happiness,

Chris Spink

International Bestselling Author,
Law of Attraction and Self Hypnosis Course Instructor

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