Feeling Guidance System. By Chris Spink

Feeling guidance system.
Your feelings are your guide to your vibrational alignment with Source, as how you feel tells you whether you are aligning with Source or not. When you feel good within yourself, you are perfectly aligned; and when you don’t feel good, then you are out of alignment with Source in that moment. So how you feel at any given time shows you what your present point of attraction is, meaning, what you will create next in your life.
Your feelings are also the indicator of your alignment or resistance with your natural well-being. You can feel whether you are allowing your full connection with Source or not by how you feel. This is called your feeling guidance system. This is the most important guidance you have and it is always with you.
While you are feeling good, you are vibrationally connected with Source and what you desire must manifest, whether it be perfect health, true love, joy, laughter or abundance in whatever area you choose. But while you are not feeling good, for example, feeling anxious, frustrated, discouraged, inferior, worthless, afraid etc, you are resisting your connection to Source, and therefore, it is impossible to manifest what you want while those feelings are being allowed to persist. Always remember, you are perfect.
It will all come to you once attention around your feelings becomes a priority in your life. Begin to trust your inherent feeling guidance system, as it can help steer you towards aligning with Source and ultimately your desired point of attraction. Once you have found that good feeling, what you asked for must come to you – it is LAW.
Written Exercise
Do you believe that you create by your attention to things?

Do you believe you can improve your ability to focus?

Do you believe that your emotions will help you do that?

Do you believe that your Inner Being knows exactly what you want and is holding those desires for you vibrationally?

Do you believe that you can feel your relationship to that steady vibration?

Do you believe that you will do more for a problem by feeling good rather than focus on trying to fix it?

Do you believe that every subject is two subjects wanted and unwanted?

Go within yourself now and see how you are feeling. Know that if you are feeling good you are attracting what you want in your life; if you are not feeling good you are resisting what you want.

Throughout the day, try to become more aware of how you feel. Simply be aware of how you feel from moment to moment. At the end of the day, write-down your thoughts and feelings.

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