Three-Step Creation Process. by Chris Spink

Three-step creation process.
There are three basic steps to manifesting or creating your reality.

Step One.

This step happens automatically from our everyday life experiences. As we live our lives, there will be occasions when a negative experience will occur. A negative experience provides the contrast we need to help us recognise that this is an experience we would prefer not to have, and therefore, prompts us to recognise what we would prefer to have. It is not always easy to know what it is we truly desire until we experience the contrast. For example, if someone is being rude to us, it fuels a desire to have that person be polite to us; if we face difficulty because we don’t have enough money, love or happiness, that contrast reveals that we would prefer our lives to be more abundant in money, love or happiness.

Step Two.

When we experience contrast and acknowledge our true desire, Source or your Inner Being (the larger all-knowing part of you) instantly responds to what we want?
Source always holds everything you have ever wanted in a vibrational reality and is always ready to bring it to you in the perfect way. This vibrational reality is waiting to become physical reality and manifested into your life, as soon as you follow step three.

Step Three.

This step is your only task. It is your role to vibrationally align with your dreams and desires. In other words, you need to find a way to feel good, no matter what, to attract what you desire into your life. Source will then send you thoughts, feelings, situations and people at the perfect time for you to receive exactly what you want in the perfect way. So your only task is to get happy and feel good, then the Law of Attraction starts attracting what you want, and the manifestation must occur in physical reality – it is LAW.

Step one is automatic when we come up against contrast
Step two is taken care of by our Inner Being, and therefore, we need do nothing
Step three requires us to feel good no matter what is happening.


What is the only work you are required to do in the three step creation process? How would you achieve that right now?
Affirmation: Every day in every way I am feeling better and better.

Wishing you health, wealth and happiness,

Chris Spink

International Bestselling Author,
Law of Attraction and Self Hypnosis Course Instructor

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