Part 2. Top 3 Massive Mistakes Coaches and Counsellors make that keep them feeling frustrated, drained and stressed, and how to AVOID these forever. By Chris Spink

Number Three Massive Mistake.

Not Working with Your Ideal Clients

If you aren’t working with your ideal clients then you aren’t working at your maximum potential.

Your ideal clients are the ones who you are in harmony with and who are in harmony with you. They are the clients you enjoy working with the most, and with whom you do your best work. You feel appreciated, fulfilled and respected. You look forward to working with them and you get the best results.

Unfortunately, we often think that to make enough money in our business we need to work with anyone who comes along that is willing to pay us; and we would also like to be able to help everyone. But the truth is, we can’t help every individual, nor will we necessarily make more money if we take on every person as a client.

When you work with clients who aren’t ideally suited, you can experience frustration because you don’t feel you are helping them in the way that you’d like. If frustration is present, your energy is depleting and that leaves you feeling drained while  working with people who don’t grasp what you are trying to guide them through, or perhaps they aren’t committing to take action to help themselves. They may not be paying attention, or trusting you, and even though you know you can help them, they just don’t seem to be moving forward. When that happens, you become stressed because you can see you are getting nowhere with these clients.

In contrast, when you work with clients who are ideal, your work together is effortless. Everything seems to flow with these individuals who carry out the exercises you set for them enthusiastically, as they too are eager to realise their own power. These clients achieve their goals and desires in a timeframe they are happy with; they enjoy the process and are excited about their own personal growth. So when you work with them, not only will you feel good about your role in this process, but you will experience a great sense of fulfilment and excitement as you watch your clients grow. You will become the catalyst to inspire others towards self-empowerment, that will energise and motivate you to serve people in a powerful and positive way, and in turn, you will earn more money doing what you enjoy.

The irony of this is that the more you attract ideal clients to work with, the better you feel, and so the more attractive you become to your ideal clients, and so it goes.

Which then brings us to how to attract your ideal clients? The best way to attract the right people into your business is to utilise the law of attraction, the most powerful law in the universe that is never-ending and always working with you in your life. Your inner world creates your outer world. You have the power to attract and manifest whatever you desire. Simply put, the law of attraction means that like attracts like.

The law of attraction draws to you the essence of whatever you predominantly think about and focus your attention on. Therefore, if you mostly think about what you do want, you will get what you want, but if you mostly think about what you don’t want, you will get more of that which you do not want.

Quantum physicists have discovered that our consciousness actively plays an essential part in how our physical reality is perceived and therefore created. The latest psychological research also shows that how we think, absolutely affects our health and happiness levels.

Everything that happens to you is a by-product of your consistent thoughts and feelings. So to attract your ideal clients, you would need to find a way to focus less on clients that aren’t ideal, and focus more on those that are.

A great way to do this is to be clear about who your ideal client is. Once you have clarified that in your own mind, you can then actively focus on the qualities you desire this client to have. So take a moment now to visualise your ideal client using the information below.

Visualise Your Ideal Client

Firstly, can you identity a client you have at present who you feel is ideal? If you can’t identify someone or are just starting out, then simply imagine what qualities you feel would be ideal. You enjoy working with this person and look forward to working with more people like them. Take a moment to think about all the positive attributes this client has and write down as many as possible, and take at least 5-10 minutes to complete this list. Here are some questions to help you start a list of positive qualities your ideal client will have:

Is the client enthusiastic and committed to helping himself or herself?

Does he or she show you respect and appreciation?

Do you feel good, fulfilled and energised after a session with this client?

Does he or she trust you and know you will do your best for them?

Do they happily pay your fees and refer other ideal clients to you?

Once you have created a list, go over it and see if you can think of any more attributes you would like to add to your ‘ideal client list’, and then reread what you have written. Read this list daily and visualise your ideal clients coming to your business.

For now, thanks for your time and watch out for Part 3 coming soon.

Wishing you health, wealth and happiness,

Chris Spink

International Bestselling Author,
Law of Attraction and Self Hypnosis Course Instructor

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