Part 1. Top 3 Massive Mistakes Coaches and Counsellors make that keep them feeling frustrated, drained and stressed,and how to AVOID them forever. By Chris Spink

Would you like to be the best coach or counsellor you can be?

Would you like to be the most powerful positive influence in your clients’ lives?


My name is Chris Spink and I’d like to welcome you to part 1 of the Top 3 Massive Mistakes Coaches and Counsellors make that keep them feeling frustrated, drained and stressed,and how to AVOID them forever.

Firstly, I’d like to acknowledge you for being here and choosing to read this article.  As the saying goes, ‘80% of success is simply just showing up’. So congratulations for showing up. I am really pleased you are here.

Secondly, what are the three main benefits you will walk away with at the end of our time together?

  1. You will know the secret to feeling good at any time, regardless of what may be occurring around you or for you.
  2. You will understand the importance of working with your ideal clients, and who they are.
  3. You will know the secret to being the most powerful positive influence that you can be, and it has nothing to do with your clients, and everything to do with you.

Since we are going to spend some time together, I’d like to tell you a little about myself so you get to know who I am, where I came from and why you should even listen to me.

30 years ago I developed a burning desire to know more of what life was all about, and sensed that there had to be more to life than what I had been taught at home or at school. With the urge to learn more, I embarked on a journey that has continued ever since, where I began my quest for answers to the big questions: Who are we? What is going on in this world?

At the beginning of my journey, I knew that something was missing somehow; I felt completely disconnected within. I began to attend workshop after workshop on personal growth and read every personal development book I could get my hands on. There were not nearly as many available back then, but there were plenty to keep me going.

I was also of the belief that to be connected and feel whole, I would have to work hard to perfect myself and heal issues around my past. But I soon found that didn’t work. As soon as I had sorted one thing out, there was something more to be fixed.  Eventually, after exploring all that was available to me, I wondered if I would ever find what I was looking for. I became depressed and trapped in my feelings of powerlessness and despair, not knowing where to go from there.

I was in this dark place until one morning I literally woke up to a sudden realisation that ALL IS WELL just as it is. For the first time, it was crystal clear to me that it was not my job to make myself perfect; I was already whole and complete just as I was, just as we all are. This may seem like a simple straightforward realisation, but in actual fact, it was a huge revelation, a ‘light bulb moment’, that ultimately changed my life.

From that day on, I saw life in a completely different way. I felt relaxed, calm and joyful. This new-found understanding brought about an experience of sheer bliss that remained with me for some time afterwards. I no longer felt the need to change and be different than what I was; so in essence, I embraced myself exactly as I was. After that pivotal moment, there was no need to search further for the true path to feeling connected. I realised that our connection to Source can never be lost, no matter how we feel. That then, became the foundation on which I lived my life.

In the early part of my search, I had also discovered the amazing concept that we create our own reality through our thoughts and beliefs. That completely blew my mind, while at the same time, somehow it seemed perfectly logical. After discovering that I may have created my own experiences, I decided to put this theory to the test to see if it could be true. This was carried out by looking back over my life to determine if my thoughts and beliefs had been vibrationally aligned with all the circumstances that arose. During that process, I was surprised to learn that I couldn’t find a single instance where I hadn’t created the situation that occurred in my physical reality. I remember thinking that I had no choice as a child what I was thinking and what I created, but I realised that my general belief system was creating everything that happened to me. At that stage, I wasn’t creating my circumstances with awareness, but I did suddenly recognise that I had been creating everything in my life through my own thoughts and beliefs. (A belief is just a thought we keep thinking).

Whilst I could see that I had in fact, created my own reality, that then resulted in another quandary for me. I became fixated, thinking I had to continually create every desire, and control every thought that came to mind. In the end, it became so overwhelming that I wound up surrendering and just allowed whatever situation was happening to simply take place. Because my focus was on what was occurring at the time, I attracted more of the same; in other words, I continued to create more of what is, rather than what I wanted. It wasn’t until I discovered how to truly create my reality that life began to change for me, simply by using the  law of attraction and becoming aware of the powerful, process of watching how I felt.

From then on, I purposely focused on feeling as good as I could as often as possible. Whenever I became aware of not feeling good, I would simply focus my attention on finding better feeling thoughts which would then begin to attract more good feeling thoughts with less effort required on my part.  Once that process became easier, the desires I had longed for started to materialise into my physical reality with ease, and the action I needed to make this work also became more inspired and effortless. I created financial freedom, great health and attracted a loving relationship with my wife Rhea. I felt empowered, and the Universe, that always knows our path, will work with us to deliver what we desire in a way that is perfect for us.

So now that I knew and understood this simple, but extremely powerful tool, I felt compelled to share it with others; first as a counsellor and hypnotherapist, and now as a mentor and coach. For that reason, I created The Feel Good Program. This is a one on one program that is based on the laws of the universe and its proven scientific principles.

So that’s enough about me – let’s get back to focusing on you. In Part 2, I will tell you about the number three massive mistake that coaches and counsellors make that keep them feeling frustrated, drained and stressed.  If you’re unaware of this mistake, then you are not working at your maximum potential.  So watch out for Part 2 of Top 3 Massive Mistakes Coaches and Counsellors make that keep them feeling frustrated, drained and stressed,and how to AVOID them forever.

Wishing you health, wealth and happiness,

Chris Spink

International Bestselling Author,
Law of Attraction and Self Hypnosis Course Instructor

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