Words Don’t Teach Us – Only Life Experiences Do. By Chris Spink

Words don’t teach us – only life experiences do
I don’t want you to just know the philosophy of the universal law of attraction on an intellectual level, through words you’ve read, or because I and/or others have told you so. I want you to know it experientially. Ultimately, words and books provide the information and tools we need, but only through our own experiences can we truly learn how the process works.
Sometimes people want proof to support the information they’ve read, but ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’. You will only see evidence when you actually put into practice the principles of the law of attraction in a way that changes your own reality, that is, by feeling good most of the time.
Feeling good most of the time can be challenging for most of us. Shifting one’s mindset and reversing your negative self-talk is not always easy, and sometimes it helps to have someone else on your side – someone who understands exactly how to guide you through the process to help you create the life you desire
I know doing this on your own can be difficult and slow. I’ve done it! But when you use the synergy of a Mentor/Coach who is completely committed to your success, your ability to change from feeling negative to feeling good most of the time, increases exponentially.
Would you like to move from frustrated, drained and stressed out in your business to feeling good, manifesting your desires and being the most powerful positive influence in your clients life?
Yes! Then I offer a powerful mentoring program called Feel Good to Manifest Your Desires, where I will teach you: the secrets of how to make the law of attraction work for you, and more powerful exercises and processes for you to feel good at any time. Unfortunately being a great coach or counsellor isn’t always enough when you are trying to help your clients be the best they can be. You need to utilise the most powerful law in the universe, the law of attraction to truly get the best results for yourself and also for your clients.
I would be honoured to support you through the journey of discovering your true power and joy. Do it the easy way, with the help and support from your Feel Good Mentor/Coach.
Hi I’m Chris Spink and I’m the founder of Feel Good To Manifest Your Desires, I specialise in partnering with Service Professionals, such as Coaches and Counselors, so they can master the principles of the Law of Attraction, and fulfill their dreams and desires. I show them how to Feel Good so they can move toward consciously creating the wonderful life they deserve. I help them go from; How do I get more of what I want? to Wow, I can have everything I want, and Feel Good every step along the way!

Wishing you health, wealth and happiness,

Chris Spink

International Bestselling Author,
Law of Attraction and Self Hypnosis Course Instructor

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