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How to Feel Good By Chris Spink

How to feel good The steps to feeling good are: 1) Awareness of how you feel. If it feels good, get more specific; but if it doesn’t, then 2) Allow. Accept what is and Love what is; there is nothing wrong with anything, and nothing

Feeling Guidance System. By Chris Spink

Feeling guidance system. Your feelings are your guide to your vibrational alignment with Source, as how you feel tells you whether you are aligning with Source or not. When you feel good within yourself, you are perfectly aligned; and when you don’t feel good, then

Three-Step Creation Process. by Chris Spink

Three-step creation process. There are three basic steps to manifesting or creating your reality. Step One. This step happens automatically from our everyday life experiences. As we live our lives, there will be occasions when a negative experience will occur. A negative experience provides the